Putting Our Nation’s Finest Back to Work

Transitioning back into civilian life is often a huge challenge for our nation’s veterans. Outside of the emotional and mental adjustment, veterans have to acclimate themselves to a new job market, one that’s likely changed while they’ve been at war. How do these brave men and women cope with such a tricky transition? Having a good job can make all the difference. Staying busy with a sense of community and purpose can help veterans feel at ease with their new life at home. Here are the top jobs for veterans looking to enter a radically different workforce:

Business Operations Manager

Many of our nation’s heroes are natural-born leaders. Thus, a business manager role might be a great fit for those who have served in the military. Managing departments, boosting morale, and emphasizing teamwork in the workplace are all great assets that many veterans learned on the battlefield. These jobs usually require an undergraduate degree or an MBA. Demand for talented business managers is on the rise among employers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 7 percent growth rate over the next eight years.

Customer Service Manager

It’s hard to find someone more caring and more considerate than our nation’s veterans. Customer service managers are responsible for overseeing a team of representatives and handling some of the most complicated interactions with customers. Solving problems in the workplace will feel like a no-brainer compared to the trials and tribulations of surviving an international conflict. Eager and professional veterans can sign up for an entry-level position without any prior experience and work their way up the corporate ladder. The BLS estimates anywhere between 9 and 13 percent growth over the next eight years.

Operations and Facilities Manager

Managing the operations of a department or institution requires a bit of forethought and strategic planning. Veterans could be put in charge any number of different environments including warehouses, utilities, offices, hospitals and some of society’s most important resources. Some service members may be able to get a job without previous experience, but an undergraduate degree can be a prerequisite. The BLS projects 8 percent growth over the next eight years.

Asset Protection Officer

There’s bound to be a great deal of overlap between what goes into safeguarding a client’s assets and what goes into saving lives on the battlefield. Both positions require their fair share of due diligence and keeping an eye on the movements of those in the area on a second-by-second basis. If a client’s assets go missing, a military veteran would have the skills to investigate the situation at hand. While the BLS estimates a modest 2 to 4 percent increase over the next eight years, asset protection is perfectly suited to those that have endured the harsh realities of war.

source: youtube.com

source: youtube.com

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