Find Out Why Napa Valley Is California’s Gem


Located in Northern California, just south of San Francisco, Napa Valley is known for its lush land, its fantastic food, and of course, some of the world’s greatest wine. Even nearby Yountville offers incredible restaurants and exclusive adventures, making this region one of the most treasured spots in all of California.

Napa Valley is made up of a small community of vintners who do an incredible amount of good for their community. If you’ve never been to Napa before but are dreaming of what it would be like to visit, here are some wineries you must put on your list to experience for yourself.

Castello di Amoroso

Deep in the lavish countryside, you’ll find the exquisite Castello di Amorosa. This Tuscan-inspired castle is a replica of the architecture you’d find in the 13th century and offers numerous exclusive wines. Built by Dario Sattui, the Italian winemaker sought to re-create the allure he found throughout Italy and most of Europe, and in turn created Castello di Amoroso. There’s plenty to see on a tour through the castle. While onsite you can visit the wine cellar which houses bottles from the early 1900s. The castle also has a terrace, courtyard, royal apartment, an il passito room, a chapel, a grand barrel room, and a great hall. There is nothing quite like this experience in Napa. It’s like bringing a fairytale to life.

Darioush Winery

For one of the most premier tastings in all of Napa, Darioush is the place to go. The winery makes a Bordeaux style of wine, as Southern Napa has the closest micro climate to deliver such a result. The winery’s motto is about the wine tastings, hospitality, and friendship. The site even has an intimate amphitheater which fits about 180 people. The winery offers private performances at the amphitheater, followed by dinner on the lawn. During Festival, which is probably the largest event held in Napa ever year, you can expect to see everything at Darioush from the Bolshoi Ballet to the New York Symphony.

Del Dotto Vineyards

A fine wine is like good music and pairing the two together makes for the ultimate experience. This winery’s selection of wine comes from the Del Dotto family, having spent the last 20 years acquiring vineyards all over Napa Valley in the top areas for growing world-class wines. They have a large variety of oaks, more so than any other winery in the world. Their family’s history is richly infused with Italian culture, and their journey can be traced to the owner, Dave Del Dotto, coming to Napa as a collector and buying the property back in 1988. To step into Del Dotto is like entering a dream. The structure itself consists of 135-year-old marble, Tuscan and Venetian-inspired designs, as well as some incredibly detailed artwork. Between the elaborate architecture, the brilliant choice of music, and the delicious wines, Dell Dotto is a Napa Valley gem that should be at the very top of your list.

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