Facts You May Not Know About the World Series of Baseball

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The World Series Wasn’t So Hot When It Started

The World Series of Baseball had a rocky start. The first World Series took place in 1903, between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Americans, who later became the Boston Red Sox. Boston won the first series, but the game was canceled the next year, because the New York Giants, now the San Francisco Giants, refused to play their rivals the Boston Americans. The Giants believed that the Boston Americans, as part of the American league, were not part of a legitimate league, so the owners of the Giants declared their team the champions. However, the World Series came back in 1904.

The Curse of the Billy Goat

There are plenty of superstitions in the world of baseball, but not all are as familiar as the curse placed on the Chicago Cubs in 1945. The owner at the time, Billy Sianis, was ordered to leave the Cubs’ World Series game against the Detroit Tigers because his smelly pet goat was upsetting fans. Sianis was so angered by the request and the insult to his goat that he announced the Cubs wouldn’t win. They didn’t, and they have never been back to play a World Series game until this year! Let’s see if they manage to break the curse.

Baseball at Night

Night games weren’t uncommon in baseball. However, it wasn’t until 1971 that the World Series had a game played at night. The MLB realized that not as many people could watch their beloved team during the World Series because they were at work or at school. So they worked out a first night game, which was played by the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Baltimore Orioles. The game was so popular that by 1973 all World Series weekday games were played during the evening.

Toronto Blue Jays

Just because it’s called the World Series doesn’t mean every baseball team in the world gets to compete. The Toronto Blue Jays are the only team outside the United States to win a World Series. They were also back-to-back champions in 1992 and 1993.

Deion Sanders

We may know Deion Sanders as an analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network, but he was an athlete first. In fact, Sanders is the only athlete who has played in both an NFL Super Bowl game and a World Series game. In the 1992 World Series he played for the Atlanta Braves against the Toronto Blue Jays. After that, Sanders played in the 1995 Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers, and in 1996 with the Dallas Cowboys. Both teams won the Super Bowl.

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