The Best Burgers in America


All across the country, you can find burgers–with or without cheese–fit to suit any taste or preference. Burgers come in all shapes and sizes, from the humblest little slider, to the massive novelties sandwiches some restaurants use to tempt foolhardy competitive eaters. Using a tried and true, and very simple, framework–ground beef cooked to perfection, a bun that keeps the sweet and savory balance in check, well thought out veggie and meat toppings, and a complimentary cheese more often than not–chefs across America use burgers as a means of showing just how creative they can be with a kitchen staple.

The above video compiles Thrillist’s list of the Best 33 Burgers in America, and watching clip after clip of delectable burger footage will surely get your stomach growling. Of course, because there are so many delicious burgers in the country, this list is far from comprehensive. For example, you’ll definitely want to make the trip to New Haven, Connecticut to try what the library of congress states is the very first cheeseburger at Louie’s Lunch (a small brick shack that makes expertly griddled steak-burgers on white toast and tops them all off with cheese-whiz). And, in the same year Thrillist compiled their list (2015), GQ chimed in by claiming that “The Best Burger of the Year Has No Meat In It,” giving the honor to the veggie patty at New York’s excellent Superiority Burger (a place that also, surprisingly, can be recommended based on its wonderful gelato alone). That said, here are four highlights from the Thrillist list.

Emily – Brooklyn, NY

This Brooklyn pizza place makes excellent pies, but the star of their menu may very well be their burger. The Emmy Burger is about a half pound of aged beef smothered in caramelized onions, special sauce and cheddar, all held together by a warm, dense pretzel bun. Emily has even recently opened a Detroit-style pizza shop, offering a similar but wholly unique double-patty special called Le Big Matt.

Au Cheval – Chicago, IL

This burger makes most “best in the country,” lists (the same year the Thrillist list was printed, Food Network claimed Au Cheval made the best burger in America), and for a very good reason. The meat is perfect, with a unique, savory steak flavor. The restaurant’s “single with an egg” is here, in all its ooey gooey glory.

Kua’aina – Honolulu, HI

This avocado burger is topped with a giant slab of the green, creamy fruit. It’s also the only item on the list that features what some people consider to be a necessary burger topper. That doesn’t mean, however, that some of these places won’t add it on for you.

The White Hut – West Springfield, MA

This appears to be a personal choice for the person compiling the list, but is no less delicious for it. Similar to, but better than, White Castle burgers, The White Hut offers smaller patties expertly topped with melty white american cheese and griddled onions and peppers.

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