America’s Top Ten Favorite Hobbies

Everyone should have a hobby. Hobbies are “good medicine” for spare time. They can help us in any number ways, such as staying focused, remaining productive and plain old relaxing. So what are Americans up to when they put their work aside? Take a look at our country’s most popular hobbies. See what new worlds you might discover outside of the office.


Whether it’s for the beauty of flowers, or the fun or economy of growing your own food. many American swear by gardening to lift the spirits. Anyone with a backyard or even a fire escape has the option of smelling the roses or feeding themselves the old fashioned way. All you need is a few seeds, direct sunlight and a nurturing temperament.


You’ve seen them at weddings and at baby showers – charts and albums of family histories. Tracing family lineage has become so hip that a fully formed family tree is practically essential for any celebratory get-together. You can use a site like or to get started.


Pretty much any hobby that involves a freshly prepared meal at the end is going to be popular. Fishing has been in the top 10 favorite hobbies for years. That’s probably because all you have to do is sit there and wait.


Perfect for easy-going weekends or active weekday nights, nonprofessional bowling is all about finding a great physical way to unwind. Sit back, have a beer, and wait for your turn to throw a giant polyester ball at the floor.


More than just exercise, biking helps us get out and explore without having to worry about where to park the car. Pack a lunch and head out to a state or local park for the day. If you stick to a relatively flat area, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get around.


Everyone is a photographer these days thanks to new technologies. If you love composing frames and sharing images with everyone you know, start an Instagram account and show the world what you can do. Chances are that you already have a pretty slick camera inside your phone.


Not to be confused with hoarding, collecting is usually a lifelong love affair. If you aren’t already attracted to an object of desire, finding the right object to collect can be tricky. You may not want something too expensive or items that take up too much space. Thimbles might be a good start.


Hunting may not be for everyone, but if you’re a hobbyist hunter, hopefully you have the decency to eat whatever you kill. As an added bonus, if the world starts to fall apart, you’ll have enough experience to live off the land.


Why not make something that you can actually use like a new sweater or a blanket. Sewing warms the soul, giving you a chance to take your mind off of the stress of every day life. Besides, you can sew while you watch TV. Who knew that you could do two hobbies at once?


Golf is an accessible sport that has exploded in popularity over the last decade. There’s nothing like whacking a tiny white ball with a skinny metal stick to help you forget your troubles. Golf is a game of patience and control. Try to keep your cool and take it one swing at a time.


Disc Golf

Disc Golf is America’s fastest growing sport over the past 5 years.  Videos of this sport on YouTube has taken Disc Golf from a game in the park to a being competitor to “Ball Golf”.  Top Purses for Tournaments this year are in the tens of thousands of dollars and growing exponentially.  Videos from disc golf tournaments have been featured on ESPN’s top 10 often now.  Disc Golf Tournaments are streamed live each week showing the top players in the world.


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